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Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Neon For Your Wedding

Unrivaled Neon presents a diverse array of dazzling neon signs, captivating LED neon lights, and radiant neon light options. From tailor-made wedding signs to attention-grabbing event decor, allow us to lead you through the process of selecting the ideal neon that will infuse your special occasion with elegance and allure.
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Shining Bright: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Neon Signage for Your Event in the USA


Planning an unforgettable event in the USA requires meticulous attention to detail, and one crucial element that can truly elevate the atmosphere is the right neon signage. Neon signs inject vibrancy and personalization, crafting an ambiance that enchants attendees and leaves a lasting impression. In this guide, we'll delve into the essential considerations for selecting the ideal neon signage for your event in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and Miami. Get ready to illuminate your event with neon!

Reflect on Your Event's Theme and Style:

Before delving into the world of neon signs, pause to reflect on your event's theme and style. Consider the mood you wish to evoke and the ambiance you aim to create for your guests. Are you aiming for a sleek and contemporary vibe in New York or a vintage-inspired feel in Chicago? Understanding your event's aesthetic direction will aid in narrowing down choices and finding a neon sign that seamlessly aligns with your vision.

Size Matters:

In the realm of neon signage, size holds significance. Take into account the dimensions of your venue and the available space designated for displaying the sign. A large, attention-grabbing neon sign can serve as a focal point in a spacious ballroom in Los Angeles, while a smaller, more subtle sign might be perfect for an intimate gathering in a rooftop setting in Miami. Striking the right balance between sign size and the surrounding environment ensures it garners attention without overpowering the space.

Customization Options:

One of the exciting aspects of neon signage is the ability to customize it according to your preferences. Utilize our "Design Your Own" feature. We create and ship neons for events across the USA. This empowers you to unleash your creativity and personalize the sign with your desired text, font, colors, and even graphics. Whether it's a wedding hashtag, event logo, or a meaningful quote, a customized neon sign adds a distinctive touch that directly speaks to your event's essence, from New York to Los Angeles.

Location Considerations:

Different event locations across the USA may have specific regulations or guidelines pertaining to neon signage. Prior to finalizing your choice, ensure you're well-informed about any venue regulations, whether it's in New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago. Additionally, consider the placement of the sign within the space. Strategically positioning the neon sign will enhance its impact and visibility, whether you're hosting an outdoor event in Miami or an indoor celebration in Houston.

Quality and Durability:

Investing in top-notch neon signage guarantees its longevity and resilience, regardless of where your event is held in the USA. Choose providers who prioritize premium materials and craftsmanship in crafting their signs. The quality of the neon tubes, the durability of the backing, and the reliability of the electrical components all contribute to a sign that not only looks impressive but also withstands the test of time. Rest assured, our team at Unrivaled Neon conducts thorough research and sources the finest quality materials globally to ensure your neon shines bright and endures sustainably! This is especially crucial for events spanning multiple days or requiring outdoor installations, given the diverse weather conditions across the USA.


Selecting the perfect neon signage for your event presents an opportunity to infuse creativity and personality into the atmosphere. By considering factors such as theme, size, customization options, location, and quality, you can choose a neon sign that perfectly complements your event and captivates your guests, whether you're in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, or Miami. Remember, we offer a "Design Your Own" feature, enabling you to create a truly bespoke neon sign that distinguishes your event. So, go ahead and let your imagination shine bright across the USA!