Realising that we are unique is a blessing that people often take for granted.
We are here to change that.

An extension of our thoughts.
A way of expressing ourselves.
A reminder to be the best version of ourselves every day.

That is what our Unrivaled Neon Signs represent.

through our neon signs, we help you:

express your 'unrivaled' self

Depart from the ordinary and live the extraordinary 'Unrivaled' life.

The journey starts from creating a space that is uniquely yours, where your expressions are unchained and will help other people understand who you are.

create 'unrivaled' life moments

When you display your neon sign proudly, you'll feel the difference it makes on yourself, the difference it makes on everyone else, the elevation in mood, a shift in the energy, and a glowing reminder of your dreams, all culminates into a moment in life that is 'Unrivaled'.


If you can think of it, our team can help to make it a reality. A self-reminder, a poetic thought, a sign for your event or a gift for a loved one, our neon signs will help you bring your 'Unrivaled' imagination to light.



Every single one of our customers are a part of the Unrivaled Neon family. We are founded on the spirit of positivity and care for each other.

This spirit is reflected on everything that we do, as well as our Unrivaled community.


As one of the leaders in the industry, we are treading into standards of quality and service at a level that has never been seen before.

This journey into the unknown is all for you, as you deserve nothing but the best. We are also hoping that this courageous move will inspire you to keep a strong heart in life to achieve what your heart desires.


At Unrivaled Neon, we are here to help you enjoy whole process of owning your own neon sign.
Our team strongly believe in bringing you joyous moments, as we want you to remember that happiness can be found if you are willing to look for it..


Constant improvement is something that we at Unrivaled Neon hold in high regard. All is done to ensure that the next experience you will be having with us is better than the previous one.

We encourage our Unrivaled community to take a step forward, no matter how small it is, to be better every day.


The Unrivaled Neon story started in Melbourne with Jo and the rest of our team in 2021.

For years, we had a desire to help others become the best version of themselves.

Backed with years of research and planning, we've used neon signs as our medium to spread the positivity in life.

Welcome to Unrivaled Neon.


Our Unrivaled Community is like no other.
We bring the best out of one another.

Hear what our community has to say

When you purchase your neon sign, you become part of our Unrivaled community.
Read what our community has to say below:

Based on 1716 reviews
BRB Neon Sign
Joanne L

Made the order and received it within a couple weeks. The team was very efficient and made the process so easy. Highly recommend for sure

Amazing response time! Staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely care about ensuring we had the best possible neon experience. We did multiple revisions until we finally had a mockup we were satisifed with. The team was patience with us the whole way through and I couldn't recommend Unrivaled highly enough! Thank you so much!

such a unique and fun neon sign - received so many compliments from friends - really easy to hang and plug in - thx alot

Great neon sign and works like a charm, thank you!

Right from my initial enquiry, the team helped me with choosing the right neon sign for my space. We went with the 'world in your hands' neon sign as we felt like that suited the vibe of the office most. We got it in light baby blue and it's made our space so beautiful! Super friendly and helpful staff. Will definitely be ordering more in the future!

Custom Neon
Karen D

Jo was fantastic - very responsive and great prompt service. I highly recommend Jo and the Unrivaled team, I'll definitely be using their services again.

No hassle, neon arrived quite quickly! love how it's hand made and crafted very well.

Custom Neon
Barb J

Customer service I received is excellent - from ensuring the sign was able to fit our budget to the manufacturing and delivery updates - everything was spot on with Unrivaled - they clearly care about their customers and I can see why they're rated so highly! love how they go above and beyond again and again

I love how it comes with free delivery, the neon lights up amazingly well in both day time and night time! we're so happy with the outcome and have guest after guest complimenting it! Thx alot :)

Quck delivery. Easy to deal with and professional

Used for our wedding party and everyone loved it! Guests were taking photos with it all night long as it was used in our photobooth section. Would definitely purchase another...if only I could get married again! Thank you so so much, we can't wait to have this hung up on our wall to remember our wedding. Thx a whole lot!

After searching for a neon sign that would suit my room, I finally came across one that gave me the vibe I was looking for! The neon sign is awesome and glows up the lounge perfectly. I was able to receive my neon within 2 weeks and provided updates about the whole process. I fully recommend this neon company and would use them again. 10/10

Top notch customer service! Very welcoming and friendly to deal with online. They know their products very well and can assist you with choosing the right neon sign for your home. Will definitely let my friends know about this neon supplier!

lovely gift idea, thank you x

Custom Neon
Cass J

The whole process made very easy. Staff was very kind and helpful!

OP Neon Sign
Jesse T

First time purchasing from Unrivaled and I didn't expect it to go so smoothly. Prices are very reasonable and quality is exactly what I was after. The aftercare and customer service received is brilliant!

Great neon and thanks to Jo for adjusting our size to the one we wanted! Just wish the neon was already in the size I was after instead of me having to reach out to the team for a custom size. FYI, the size I was after was 1.8 metres in length. The team did a brilliant job on it!

Custom Neon
Saar P

Straight forward process of creating a custom neon sign, the staff was very friendly. Would purchase another without hesitation. Thank you again

We love our sunrise neon sign! The neon sign looks brilliant at night. The team was very helpful and provided prompt updates.

Custom Neon
Laurie U

Love love love everything about the neon sign. Thank you so much! Just purchased a custom neon for my teenage daughter and she was over the moon! Quality is amazing and the attention to detail is simply phenomenal.

Custom Neon
Samantha M

I'd definitely purchase from urnivaled again, the service I received from the team was top notch. The neon quality is also one of the best I've ever received, it's sleek and clean! 10/10 for me

A thousand times happy! Neon was very simple to purchase online. Communication and timely updates were amazing. Love how it came with delivery notifications , makes it so easy to keep track of my package. Love this brand! Will be purchasing from them again!

I ordered my remote dimmer 2 weeks ago and just received it. It's very easy to set up and I recommend this to anyone that may be missing a remote or having any issues with theirs.

Custom Neon
Suzie L

100% satisfied! The custom neon I received is exactly what was proposed to me in the visual mock-up stage. A little more expensive than I expected a neon to cost but considering the quality, it is definitely worth it.I will always look to Unrivaled for the best neon signs. I've heard great things about them and will definitely use again for my upcoming project!

Buying the gift card was so easy and the gift was amazing. Thanks again for a great experience. Will definitely use you again for future gifts.

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