Customize the luminance of your space with our adaptable LED brilliance. Our lights transcend mere fixtures; they're an expressive reflection of your individuality. Break away from the commonplace with our customizable LED enchantment. Illuminate your environment with a captivating display of light and color that challenges norms.


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Light Up Your Space with Customizable LED Lights

Welcome to Unrivaled Neon, where creativity reigns and customizability shines. With our range of customizable LED lights, you can transform any space into a unique reflection of your style. Let's explore the endless possibilities of personalized illumination together!

Brighten up your surroundings with custom LED lights tailored to your taste

Step into a world where light dances to the rhythm of your imagination with Unrivaled Customisable LED Lights.

Explore the enchanting realm of personalized neon LED lights and let your creativity soar with Unrivaled Neon. Craft visual masterpieces that reflect your unique personality and style.

With limitless possibilities, our customisable LED lights empower you to unleash your creative genius, turning ordinary spaces into captivating realms of radiant brilliance tailored to your exact specifications.

Endless Possibilities: Your Imagination, Your Bespoke Neon LED Lights







Once you've submitted the form, one of our top designers will get in touch with you to prepare a mockup and quote free of charge.





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Custom Neon
Winsome B

Great value and range of custom neon options. Flexible and paid via afterpay. No issues.

Awesome neon company. Purhcased this as a gift for my son who loves emojis , he really wanted it for his birthday. When the package came in, he was so excited to open it, he didn't even wait for me to get home from work!! thank you Unr for the greatest bday gift any parent could ask for. I'll be buying another emoji soon.

5 stars! Fantastic experience all around. Great neon signs and exceptional customer service!

Custom Neon
Stuart W

Wonderful neon signs. I am a neon lover but didn't know anything about the process of creating one. The staff was very patient and were able to thoroughly answer all of my questions in-depth. Now I understand how neons are made , I am so grateful for the team and Jo for helping me create this neon for my business! 5/5, highly recommend for anyone after a neon sign for their home or business.

Reasonable price. Reliable service. Great customer service.

Custom Neon
Willie A

This is my 3rd purchase from Unrivaled and I'm always excited when I get a new package at my door. The neons are always packaged well and love the freebies it comes with too.

Best feeling ever!! I'm so glad my friend mentioned this company to me. It's the best feeling when you hang your neon on the wall and it fits so well with the rest of the furniture. Thank you so much Unrivaled.

Fun & easy to purchase. I love customising my space and this neon sign was the missing piece to my puzzle. Very satisfied with my purchase and will definitely be making another in the future.

Custom Neon
Xavier T

Excellent, fast, and delivered my neon on time. We were going back and forth with Jo, who was amazing at answering all of our questions and ensured everything was all good. Very professional and great to deal with. It's a bonus that they include a remote! We look forward to working with Jo and the rest of the team again. 5 stars here.

10 out of 10. Created my neon sign without any delays. Brilliant service all around and will not be using anyone else moving forward. Very satisfied customer!

Custom Neon
Alex O

Jo was amazing and very helpful!! The team made sure I was happy with the design and price before moving forward. Very reasonable and extremely satisfied with the final neon sign. We used for our business to put in front of our shop and already received so many compliments about it. Thank you.

The Unrivaled team is responsive, quick and very polite! Very easy to communicate with and we're over the moon with our emoji sign.

Perfect product - flawless! been using it for a few months now and no issues. Highly recommended.

Custom Neon
Joanna F

Great company...wouldn't go elsewhere...the best neon signs ever! Thank you so so much. Our cafe looks amazing with this neon sign.

We love our Angel neon sign so much. It's so cute! Purchased from daughter's 5th and she loved it!

Custom Neon
Cassandra O

Number one - best neons - best prices!!! Awesome service I received from the team. Very helpful with the design process and quotation. Signage - made simple!

Rekt Neon Sign
Brendan W

never looked back. Unrivaled team has been great with helping me amp up my gaming room. The rekt neon sign turned out just like what I hoped!

Custom Neon
Otti I

Very helpful staff, reasonable pricing and a lovely variety of neon signs.

Simply the best neon and love how cute this one looks.

Custom Neon: Brenda

Absolutely amazing to deal with! My item was above my expectations. Will definitely recommend.

I used to buy neons from my local sign seller but I've found that unrivaled is by far so much more superior. The neons shine brighter and the quality just feels better. I love the variety the store offers and purchased the jetaime neon as a gift for my hubby as we'll be going to france soon for our honeymoon. Literally so in love with this sign and can't wait to order more!

love this neon site. great value, range and amazing special promotions. free delivery is a bonus and best quality of neons i've seen in a while.

It's simple, if you're not buying a neon from Unrivaled, you are making the wrong choice!! Unrivaled is simply the best service I've received from any neon company I've dealt with. Neon came in one piece and was package very nicely! Super happy with how it turned out.

Custom Neon
Georgia L

Hey team. Thank you for my neon sign. 5 stars!

Custom Neon
Joanne B

The turn around time is about 2-3 weeks which is quite standard and the neon is top quality! The aftercare support received is great, the team really do care and check up on all of their customers, it feels more than just a transaction. It's a great experience and it really does feel like the team at unrivaled neon really wants best for our team and business. Comes with a remote which is handy for adjusting brightness and turning on/off neon lights. I'm a very happy customer and would not hesitate to purchase another neon from this outstanding company!

Benefits of Customizable LED Lights:

  1. Endless Customization Options: At Unrivaled Neon, we offer more than just products; we provide a platform for your imagination to flourish. Our customizable LED lights offer infinite possibilities, allowing you to shape light according to your preferences. Whether you desire a motivational neon quote or a personalized LED light sculpture, we bring your vision to life.
  2. Superior Craftsmanship: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and passion, each of our customized neon LED lights showcases unparalleled quality. Our skilled artisans blend traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your bespoke creation lasts for years to come. Experience the difference with Unrivaled Neon's unwavering dedication to excellence.
  3. Seamless Integration into Your Space: Concerned about how your customized neon LED lights will fit into your environment? Rest assured! Our design team specializes in creating seamless integrations tailored to your needs, whether it's for an elegant office, a cozy home, or a bustling commercial space. Your custom creation will effortlessly blend with its surroundings.
  4. Unapologetic Self-Expression: Your space serves as a canvas, and our customizable LED lights are the means by which you express yourself. Let your personality shine through with vibrant colors, distinctive designs, and personalized messages that capture your essence. Unrivaled Neon encourages you to narrate your story through light, shaping a space that reflects your unique identity.

Embark on your journey to owning your personalized LED lights today

Step into a realm of light, color, and endless creativity with Unrivaled Neon as your guide. Explore the enchanting universe of customizable LED lights, where each piece is a work of art, and every space is a canvas for your individual expression.

Experience the beauty of bespoke brilliance with Unrivaled Neon's customized LED lights. Let us illuminate your world, one custom creation at a time! Transform your space, mesmerize your audience, and unleash your imagination with Unrivaled Neon – where every light illuminates a unique story.