Welcome to Unrivaled Neon, your ultimate destination for crafting luminous messages with our delightful assortment of custom neon letters, each designed to bring a unique touch to your expressions!



Bespoke Brilliance: Explore our Collection of Personalized Neon Letters

Welcome to Unrivaled Neon, your ultimate destination for crafting luminous messages with our delightful assortment of custom neon letters, each designed to bring a unique touch to your expressions!

Expressive Elegance with custom neon letters

Craft messages with a touch of expressive elegance, as custom neon letters transform words into radiant works of art that captivate and enchant.

Unrivaled Neon: Illuminating Your Message with Custom Neon Letters

Immerse yourself in the art of personal expression with our curated collection of custom neon letters. Beyond mere signage, these letters allow you to craft a radiant message that uniquely reflects your personality and style.

Be Versatile with custom neon letters

Whether enhancing the décor of your home, business, or creating a personalized touch for special events, custom neon letters adapt to any environment.







Once you've submitted the form, one of our top designers will get in touch with you to prepare a mockup and quote free of charge.





Based on 1708 reviews
Custom Neon
Kalotina E

I just received my LED neon sign from Unrivaled Neon and I'm absolutely thrilled with it! From the moment I placed my order, their service was top-notch. The sign arrived quickly and was packaged with care, ensuring it arrived in perfect condition. The craftsmanship is incredible, with vivid colors and impeccable detailing that truly make it stand out. I can't recommend Unrivaled Neon enough ��� they've made my space shine brighter than ever before!

Ordered large size in green for our home and I've got to say it's probably one of my favourite pieces of art decor I currently have in my home. Absolutely in love with it! Thx heaps, great job!

We've used Unrivaled a couple of times and they're great. The service rep went above and beyond ensuring to keep me updated about my package. I loved getting the manufacturing update emails and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to my family and friends.

ordered a pink one and placed it on top of our kitchen bench. we received endless compliments about it at home and i'd 100% recommend them again and again!

Unrivaled Neon has been very reliable, I've used Unrivaled for a couple years now and they've never under delivered. Customer service is by far the best I've ever received and super responsive with emails. I never once do I feel like I'm left in the dark without any communications. It's so great to have everything so organised. Shoutout to Jo for helping me with my order.

Excellent craft work on my neon sign. We used it for our son's bday and worked perfectly! We can't wait to use this for future birthdays, great customer service and very happy to recommend them!

BRB Neon Sign
Joanne L

Made the order and received it within a couple weeks. The team was very efficient and made the process so easy. Highly recommend for sure

Amazing response time! Staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely care about ensuring we had the best possible neon experience. We did multiple revisions until we finally had a mockup we were satisifed with. The team was patience with us the whole way through and I couldn't recommend Unrivaled highly enough! Thank you so much!

such a unique and fun neon sign - received so many compliments from friends - really easy to hang and plug in - thx alot

Great neon sign and works like a charm, thank you!

Custom Neon
Karen D

Jo was fantastic - very responsive and great prompt service. I highly recommend Jo and the Unrivaled team, I'll definitely be using their services again.

Right from my initial enquiry, the team helped me with choosing the right neon sign for my space. We went with the 'world in your hands' neon sign as we felt like that suited the vibe of the office most. We got it in light baby blue and it's made our space so beautiful! Super friendly and helpful staff. Will definitely be ordering more in the future!

No hassle, neon arrived quite quickly! love how it's hand made and crafted very well.

I love how it comes with free delivery, the neon lights up amazingly well in both day time and night time! we're so happy with the outcome and have guest after guest complimenting it! Thx alot :)

Custom Neon
Barb J

Customer service I received is excellent - from ensuring the sign was able to fit our budget to the manufacturing and delivery updates - everything was spot on with Unrivaled - they clearly care about their customers and I can see why they're rated so highly! love how they go above and beyond again and again

Quck delivery. Easy to deal with and professional

Incredibly responsive with amazing service. I've bought multiple neons from them and they're very reliable! It's definitely better than some other neon suppliers I've used in the past. Their design team is very friendly and I want to give a special thanks to Jo for helping us with our order.

I did quite a bit of research before ordering from Unrivaled and I am definitely not dissapointed. Unrivaled did a beautiful job on crafting our neon sign. I love how it come with a handwritten note, that was the cherry on top!

Neon sign is great, but customer service was excellent. I was very impressed by the service I received from Jo. The team was able to work around my schedule and ensured I got my package securely when I was home.

Custom Neon
Sharron J

Ordered a neon sign online from Unrivaled! The process was simple and I loved the delivery and manufacturing updates provided. I would highly recommend Unrivaled Neon again and again to anyone who wants quality neon signs!

We purchased the Unrivaled neon remote and it came with a dimmer. It was surprisingly easy to change. Just unplug the wires and replug it in with the new dimmer and just like that - our neon remote was working again like a charm. Thank you to Jo for the amazing response times and coming quick to our aid - we'll definitely be back to use more of their services again!

Great communication all the way from purchase to delivery! Really love how they go above and beyond!

used this for our daughter's 12th bday and all of our guests loved it! highly recommend unrivaled neon

Custom Neon
Missy L

Hard to fault, the neon sign that we ordered arrived in perfect condition. It looked exactly like the mock-ups and was so easy to install on our wall. Delivery time was accurate and packaging is gorgeous. I also loved the little note that was included in our package, it made our day!

Fantastic customer service, easy ordering, friendly staff

Benefits of Custom Neon Letters:

1. Expressive Illumination:
Watch your words come alive with expressive illumination! Our custom neon letters turn any message into a glowing masterpiece, adding a touch of charm and warmth to your space.

2. Tailored Typography:
Achieve the perfect aesthetic blend with your surroundings. Our custom neon letters come in a variety of fonts and styles, ensuring a seamless integration into any space, whether it's your home, business, or a special event.

3. Memorable Messaging:
Make your message truly unforgettable with the enchanting glow of custom neon letters. Perfect for business branding, event decor, or adding a personal touch to your living space, these letters leave a lasting impression that lingers in the memory.

Explore the World of Custom Neon Letters

1. Personalized Creations:

Dive into the diverse world of our custom neon letters collection, where you'll find the perfect font and style to illuminate your message uniquely. Express yourself with letters that go beyond communication—they tell your story.

2. Business Branding Brilliance:

Elevate your brand presence with a bespoke touch of radiance. Explore our business-focused custom neon letter options that not only stand out but also serve as a beacon of your brand identity, creating a memorable visual impact.

3. Special Occasion Magic:

Add a touch of magic to weddings, birthdays, and special events with custom neon letters. Turn your message into a luminous celebration, creating an atmosphere that is both festive and uniquely yours.